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Other reports from ZAP

Other reports from ZAP

by Tim Elliott on January 30, 2006

Alan from Ratcast and Joe from a A Guy, a Girl and a Bottle podcasts have posted their impressions of ZAP. Alan started the ball rolling yesterday on his blog and Joe posted pictures to his Flickr account (the image here is of all three of us near the end of the tasting; from the right, Joe, Alan and your humble narrator). I will post other links as I see them rolling in from my aggregator after I return to Minnesota overnight… podcasting to resume tomorrow and continue throughout the week.

Update Jan. 31: The Corkdork has a nice write-up on ZAP. My only point of disagreement is on Brown Vineyard, but I didn’t taste the 2003…

Update Feb. 1: I’ve finally caught up on my wine blog reading and see that Tom over at FERMENTATION has posted his favorites from the tasting and some pictures. Interestingly enough, he tasted a number of wines I didn’t get to and liked one of the three Karmere Zin’s (“Empress Hayley”). I gave up on Karmere after “Angie” and “Daisy” failed to crack 7.5 on the ol’ scale; should have hung in there, I guess. I agree with his pick of Trinitas “Old Vine” Contra Costa; very tasty stuff.

Also just noticed a post from Truffle Pig Wine, a blog I have never heard of before, with very interesting notes from ZAP.

Update Feb. 2: Alder has posted his scores for a whopping 176 wines tasted at ZAP. I’ll have to really step-up my game next year 😉

Update Feb. 7: The Cellar Rat has podcast ZAP…

  • Wow! I’m just amazed that your standouts were so similar to mine at the Corkdork. The Chase was really a standout, and a lot of people don’t know it, so glad you mentioned it. Perhaps my disappointment of the Brown could be that a couple of years ago it made my top 5 or so, and it didn’t come c lose this year for me. – CD

  • Tim

    Hey, good juice stands out; what can I say… the Chase and T-Vine Brown Vineyard were tied for first in my book. I rated the Brown Estate Napa Valley 2004 a 9, so that’s what prompted the comment. It had a very aromatic quality, nice concentration and balance; no over the top, monster jammy stuff. Maybe a bad bottle of the ’03?

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