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Winecast 51 – Pax Syrah Simulcast

Winecast 51 – Pax Syrah Simulcast

by Tim Elliott on January 7, 2006

Today’s podcast is a bit of a change in the regular format and my first co-host show. It is with Alan Baker, the CellarRat from the Ratcast podcast released in what we think is an unprecedented format: the Simulcast. We talk about and taste a Syrah from Pax Wine Cellars.

Show notes:
00:23 – Welcome and show theme
02:39 – Pax Syrah Simulcast
20:27 – Tasting Notes: Pax Wine Cellars, Syrah, Walker Vine Hill Vineyard, Russian River Valley 2003 ($60)
21:27 – An announcement about the future of Winecast
22:26 – Contact details
22:50 – Next show theme

UPDATE, Jan. 10, 2006: Thanks to all who have pointed out that we were not the first podcasters to do a simulcast… I still think we are the first wine podcasters to do this type of show, call it a “simulcast” and creatively use Morse code 😉

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Copyright 2006 Tim Elliott. Licensed to the public under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

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  • Not sure exactly what you mean by “simulcast” but I know several podcasts that had the same recorded section on different podcasts. A recent example was last weeks “Inside The Magic” and “A Window to the Magic” podcasts, where they both played the conversation they did (actually over SKYPE – across the country CA and FL) on both of thier weekly shows. It can get redundant if it is a long segment. Their conversation was like 45 minutes long so the second shwo I skipped through it. And there was even a WINE podcast that did this. GrapeRadio and ReelReviews both played thier joint review of “Sideways” last year. Sorry.

    Anyways I enjoyed the show!

  • Mark

    This episode did not appear on the AAC Enhanced feed. Do I need to continue to subscribe to the standard Winecast in order to get all the episodes or will they all appear on both the standard and AAC feed?

    Thanks. I enjoyed the show.

  • John

    Interesting show. Some shows with more that one host turn into them cracking insider jokes most of the show. This had good content.

    Also, some shows do the multiple host part via Skype because it’s cheap and “kind of works”. I always thought it made a very poor production.

    One show I listen to records on both ends and then uses software (Audacity) to merge the two mp3 files into a single show. The audio quality is very good. They use a telephone link during recording to sync things up.


  • Tim


    Sorry; I just got around to creating the AAC enhanced podcast and posting to the feed. It should be coming down to all subscribers now. For my next several shows, I will time all three formats to be released at the same time to avoid the delay. Thanks for listening…


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