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A bump in the road…

A bump in the road…

by Tim Elliott on January 5, 2006

It is with a heavy heart that I announce a bit of a bump in the road for Winecast. Not only did I miss my first Wine Blogging Wednesday in nearly a year yesterday, but my day job came to an abrupt end. To say that I wasn’t in the mood yesterday to blog or podcast is an understatement, but life goes on and today I began a new chapter in my career.

I only mention this because my current financial situation will severely limit my wine budget. As entertaining as it might be to debate the nuances of Yellow Tail, Walnut Crest or Two Buck Chuck, I will spare listeners from these details on the podcast (you might see some tasting notes posted here, however). I am seeking a sponsor to underwrite the show and for a wine sponsor that hopefully will provide some wines to taste. I’m always open to listener submitted wines and samples from producers, as well. In the meantime, I will attend more tastings than in the past and hope I can group these notes into the show format from time to time.

If you want to directly help, I have posted a PayPal donation link on the right menu; all proceeds will be used to buy wines for the podcast. Additionally, I will open my “store” tomorrow with Amazon.com links. If you click through any of these links before buying anything on Amazon, I will get a little bit back to help keep my wine bookshelf filled. This works with any product you might otherwise buy on Amazon, BTW, you don’t have to buy the fine products I recommend.

I will be posting my progress in getting back to normal podcasting as I go and hope to be able to introduce some new wine-related services soon. I will release a show recorded before yesterday’s events over the weekend and clear my tasting logbook for a “Quick Picks” or two. Hopefully I’ll have some good news shortly and will be able to not miss a beat and perhaps increase my show output in coming weeks.

Thanks for your support.

  • Geez, that’s rough, Tim. Sorry to hear that. Hope you are back on your feet soon.

  • Doug Smith

    That’s really terrible news Tim. Really sorry for you. We’ll cross our fingers and hope for better times in the future.

    All the best.

  • John Weippert

    Tim, sorry to hear the news. I am sure you will have better times very soon.

    All my best.

  • Tim —

    I’m sorry to hear your year has not started off very well at all. I’ve been in your shoes of suddenly losing a job (albeit that was 20 years ago), but I know it is a hard experience.

    You have the right attitude, though–today starts a new chapter in life.

    Be well and keep your chin up!

  • Hang in there Tim. I went through job loss a few years ago and it was mighty difficult. Yet, I got through it and I’m now in a much better place (perhaps not financially, but personally – much better).

    Keep up the winecastin!

  • colette


    My condolences on your job loss- hope the search for a new (and better) job goes well. I wish lots of success and hope that you will be able to keep bloggng. Really enjoy your podcast.

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  • Tim

    Thanks for everyone’s support and donations. Winecast will continue and improve in the coming days…

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  • Kevin Haythe

    Dude. Cowboy up. If your podcast sucked I might be a little worried about you. But your site and your insights are a lot of fun to listen to. I’m a neophyte when it comes to wine, but I’ve learned a lot from you. I travel to Europe a lot and enjoy listening to your podcast in the morning on Thursday while I run on the treadmill. Can’t do without it, so even if it is about 2 Buck Chuck, keep it coming.

    Someone who has so much passion in life (and for the right things) can only land on his feet. I’ll look forward to the day you look back on this and laugh. You got to admit, life is a pretty good thing anyway you slice it.

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