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Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!

Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!

by Tim Elliott on November 17, 2005

Today is the 3rd Thursday of November, the day Beaujolais Nouveau is unleashed on the wine world. I’ve picked up some and will be letting you know what I think about them soon. Jean-Marc has a nice write-up and tips to pick the “best” Nouveau over at his french wine a day blog. Check it out.

  • Tim

    I partially feel your pain, as the diversity of producers is still not too great here in MN. Of 3 wine shops visited yesterday, I was only able to round up a single bottle of non-Georges Duboeuf Nouveau. I’m headed to Surdyk’s tomorrow, as they are advertising a massive 6-7 producers to choose from… a weekend of dual ‘casts are ahead for me to catch up from missing last week at the podcast expo. I also have a surprise up my sleeve to spring on the feed 😉

    Great to spend some time and share some wine with you last weekend, Alan.

  • Cellar Rat

    Dude, I went in two “wine shops” today looking for some BN, and both guys looked at me like I was crazy. I might live in “Wine Country” but the focus here on local wine is a bit excessive at times.


  • Cellar Rat

    oops, that should read … focus here…
    Once an audio nerd, always an audio nerd.

    The typo in your previous comment has been corrected — Tim

  • John Weippert

    Please let us know what you find a Surdyk’s. I went ot Haskells and found one non-Duboeuf Nouveau.

  • Cellar Rat

    Third time’s a charm.
    Went to a third shop on my way back from giving my Syrah a stir, and found some Nouveau.
    AND, it is the Louis Tete, which is one of my favs that I always picked up at Surdyk’s. For those of you in the TCs I’d say give it a try. It has always been a little more out there than the controlled blend of GD.


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