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Upon further review…

Upon further review…

by Tim Elliott on October 10, 2005

One of the joys of doing this podcast is I get to enjoy the wines tasted for the better part of a week. The past two shows were done fairly close together, so I have had both Viognier and Pinot Noir over the last several days. Both tasted differently than most weeks, given the Viognier did not show well on the first tasting, something that I chalked up to overly chilling the bottles. The second day, I did the “final” tasting for Winecast 41 but I lived with the wines for the next week. In that time, the Cline Cellars Viognier showed the tropical fruit expected on day one and really stepped up in the flavor department. The other entries didn’t get any better, but didn’t deteriorate that much, either.

For the Pinot Noir however, something really did happen. When tasted just before I did my podcast last Wednesday, I recorded what I saw, smelled and tasted at the time, but this didn’t tell the whole story. The next day, the Kim Crawford Pinot, the best of tasting, really improved with excellent cherry fruit and the Domaine Hering, my exotic selection from Alsace, developed a wild cherry cough drop nose and flavor profile. Somehow, this didn’t detract from its charms in my book and remains a great tasting experience. The Henry of Pelham Family Estate from Canada didn’t fare so well, developing an unpleasant weedy aftertaste; so drink them up fast, eh 😉

All this changed my final judgment of the proceedings, but I will stand by my original ratings in Winecast 42. It’s interesting to note that your mileage may vary if you live with your wines over a few days.

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