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Near bandwidth limit!

Near bandwidth limit!

by Tim Elliott on August 31, 2005

Way back in December, when I had another host with something like 3GB of monthly bandwidth, I posted a warning that I would most likely run out and go off-line. Thankfully, I have not had to post such a warning until now. So, even though I have purchased more GB this month, I am about 97% through my monthly allocation as I post this fairly early in the day. No, I don’t think I will go off-line at this rate, but I will hold posting the AAC version of Winecast 37 until later tonight… and, yes, I have made arrangements so I won’t have to post another message like this ever again 🙂

Between my 2 hosts, I have served almost 300GB of content this month; that’s about 25,000 podcast downloads! Thanks for your support!!

  • Hi!

    I am really enjoying your podcast! Recently, a good friend of mine opened a wine store in Queens, NY – where I live. I am happy to report that my budding sparkling wine habit is now full blown! You said in your vinho verde podcast that you really love the french champagnes more than others – I wonder if you have had Charles de Fere rose? It’s my current favorite from the cheaper side of the wine cellar. Hints of strawberry make it VERY DANGEROUS…

    If you try it, enjoy!!! The brut is a great deal as well. You should be able to get either for less than 15 and sometimes less than 10!

    Lee Ann
    The Lascivious Biddies

  • Tim

    Lee Ann,

    Wow! You made my day, as I had no idea that someone as famous as you is a listener 😉 BTW, I love your music since I discovered it on Adam’s show and have just subscribed to the BiddyCast after months of procrastination (sorry!).

    Anyway, to your question. Yes, I think Champagne is the best sparkling wine but I’m a Blanc de Noirs man, I’m afraid. For some unknown reason I prefer super dry sparkling wine; something about the crispness. I’ll have to look for Charles de Fere rose and feature it on a future Winecast, but I seriously doubt our pricing here will be as good as you see in NYC. Thanks for the tip.

    Hope your tour schedule gets you to Minnesota sometime in the future.


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