Winecast 24 – Malbec

by Tim Elliott on May 23, 2005

Today’s podcast focuses on another Bordeaux blending variety: Malbec. I also talk about the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision opening up interstate wine shipments to more states and follow up on the wine and food matching challenge from Winecast 22.

Wines reviewed:

Altos Las Hormigas, Malbec, Mendoza Argentina 2003 ($10)
Bodega Norton, Malbec, Mendoza Argentina 2003 ($8)
Finca El Portillo, Malbec, Mendoza Argentina 2003 ($13)

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  • East Village Wine Geek

    Just have to pipe in here and give big ups to the people at Altos Las Hormigas. For the price you just can’t go wrong. I had the 2004 reserva and it was only twenty bucks but man it tasted like a forty or fifty dollar bottle. It took me on a journey of the senses constantly keep me in check every time I sniffed or sipped. When I see that label it brings me back.Good stuff. I am now on my way to grab a bottle just seeing this post. Cheers!

    East Village Wine Geek

  • Tim

    Thanks for checking out the back catalog. I think I might just see if the 2004 Altos is in the stores here…

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