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Feds to review wine labels

Feds to review wine labels

by Tim Elliott on May 9, 2005

The US Treasury department will be reviewing wine labeling requirements again. Up for consideration are nutrition and more granular ingredient information presumably so South Beach dieters can be sure not to drink wine. Since there is already quite a bit of information required, I would suggest the government consider URL’s on back labels which would point to a government sponsored website where all the information would be available.

For me, I really don’t care how many carbs or how much protein is in my wine…

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  • I don’t care how many carbs or protiens are in most of the food I eat. Common sense tells you to each which foods and in which quantities. The government has already made a mess of my life at work with Sarbanes-Oxley Act, don’t screw with my enjoyment of wine too!

  • Saw the piece on Fox 9 just now. Looked like a pretty in-depth piece, a good overview for people who don’t know what podcasting is. Hope you get a big spike in your traffic, will have to add your feed to my aggregator.

    I did hit the record button on my DVR for the piece. I have a bit of interference on Fox 9 (need to replace a coax cable) so it’s not a perfect clip but doesn’t look too bad. If you couldn’t get the piece from anywhere else, let me know and I’ll send you the mpeg.


  • Denis

    The gov’t should put more detailed information on a website for consumers, but I don’t even think they should require URL’s on the wine labels; If you have an extreme dietary restriction, such as no carbs, you should have to look up the dietary information yourself on the website.

    When will it stop? Perhaps eventually we’ll need to be drinking magnums exclusively so that all the warnings fit on the labels! (Which may not be such a bad thing.)

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