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Shocking Supreme Court Decision Announced

Shocking Supreme Court Decision Announced

by Tim Elliott on April 1, 2005

Leave it to the blogisphere to scoop the entire corporate and government controlled media on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to ban interstate wine shipments. For the details, visit Bill Wilson’s wine blog, “WLW-WineGeek.com“. While you are there, you can also check out his wine podcast which should help get your mind off of this shocking news.

I am really going to miss my shipments from Acacia and other California wineries and am now considering relocation to the UK which does not have such heavy handed control over my enjoyment of the fruit of the vine.

Clearly a sad day for U.S. winelovers 🙁

  • Jerry

    You got me real good.

  • Tim

    I couldn’t resist posting after I saw Bill’s April Fool’s story. Let’s hope the real Court decision is completely in the other direction…

  • I was completely fooled! I posted an angry comment on my blog seconds afterward and later that day, was thinking ‘who could possibly think they could say such things. I’m leaving the blog entry up as a testament to my gullibility :).

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