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Jim Neal “Chariot”, Sangiovese, Central Coast 2003

Jim Neal “Chariot”, Sangiovese, Central Coast 2003

by Tim Elliott on March 11, 2005

Last evening, I met Garrick Van Buren of the First Crack podcast at Bev’s Wine Bar in the warehouse district of Minneapolis. After picking 2 other wines on Bev’s list that were out of stock, I picked the following which we enjoyed while we recorded a podcast:

Jim Neal “Chariot”, Sangiovese, Central Coast 2003 – Dark ruby, nice black cherry nose, dusty cherry fruit and moderate tannins, nice finish, very good now but might be better with a little more time in the cellar; will re-taste on a future show, plastic cork! Score: 8/10

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  • The Chariot Sangiovese is really one of the best deals in wine, and it’s the best Sangiovese growin in the States–it’s simply a winner. Great label art as well.

  • Linda Brody

    Where can I purchase this wine

  • Tim

    Hi, Linda: Just returned from vacation, so this reply is a bit on the late-side.

    A quick search on WineZap didn’t turn up anyplace to buy this wine; ditto on wine.com. I’m not sure where you live, but if you are from the Twin Cities, the wine is available at Surdyk’s or the wine store in the Mall of America. Elsewhere, I would look at a well chosen wine store.

    Sorry I could not be more helpful here.

  • eric

    Finding Chariot…

    I live in the south suburbs and found it last weekend at Shenanigan’s on 42 in Rosemount. I found this website as I was also astonished at how much I liked what I paid (I think) $11.99 for, and am looking to buy a case.

  • Ralyne

    We had a glass of the Chariot Sangiovese while vacationing in Ouray, CO– wow great stuff– liked it better than wine bought in Tuscany!!
    Found this site trying to find where to buy–the worse part — we live in AZ– anyone know a distributor????

  • Bob

    The wine guy at my local grocery suggested Jim Neal’s 2002 Chariot Syrah the other night. I went back the next day and bought a case — at $9.99 per bottle. Surreal value for a surreal red wine that drinks like a $30 bottle.

  • Susan

    I have a list of several retailers in Arizona that carry Chariot…B Line, Beverage House (Tucson), Cave Creek wines, Enotria, Epicurean Wine Service, Grapeables, Intermezzo, Jug-n-Barrel, The Wine Studio, and Time Market. Check the web for phone numbers and shipping information!

  • Gene Maison

    What is the Jim Neal Chariot “Diana” wine made of ?

  • Tim

    I have not seen this wine myself, but according to Alder from Vinography “Diana� is a Syrah / Petite Sirah blend.

  • Ali

    Chariot Diana is a Petit Syrah, Cab & Cabernet Franc blend- Ali w/ Uncorked Wine Bar (uncorkedwinebar.com)

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  • Carole

    Check out the website at http://www.chariotwines.com

  • The Gypsy (70% Syrah and 30% Petit Sirah) is amazingly good and under 10 bucks at the Trader Joe’s in Oregon. Here are my reviews.

    Jim Neal Chariot, Gypsy, 2003, Nappa Valley
    This wine had very little information on its label but Sada and I did a little research. We are pretty sure its a blend of 70% Syrah and 30% Petite Sirah. It’s got a rather lean nose with little inky hints of black cherry. On the palate, it hits you with a soda pop like acidity. Hints of white pepper tingle across your toungue. The flavor profile is composed of sweet bing cherries, blackberries, and a little black olive. It’s a strong mother****** at over 14% but the heat is well kept in check by subtle fruit and beautiful acidity. It’s got a simple but long and even finish. It’s pretty exciting to for me to find unique elegant wines from California for under 10 bucks. I’m excited to try to find other wines from Chariot.

    Jim Neal Chariot, Sangiovese, 2004, Central Coast
    Ok, my lack of experience with wine is starting to show through a bit. Without tasting the two side by side, this wine was remarkably similar to the Chariot Gypsy. The Sangiovese is not quite as punchy and lacks the subtle tannins, acidic balance, and simple structure of the Gypsy. Still this stuff is so goddamn drinkable. It’s deep garnett in color with crimson edges. It’s got a f****** intoxicating perfumey and inky nose that gives way to cherry cola and violet. On the palate it’s a fruit smart-bomb, hitting the front of your tongue with maraschino cherry and a spritz of lemon. It reminds me of super rope red liquorice. This wine is not jammy. It has a light body and lacks a little bit of the nice round mouthfeel of more nuanced wines. Still this stuff gets a big thumbs up from me and makes me really excited to try other new world Sangioveses as well as moderately-priced elegant Chiantis. Recommendations anyone? The Jim Neal Chariot Sangiovese pairs well with chocolate-covered fortune cookies, the second season of Sex and the City, and a sweet-sweet soul to cuddle with.

  • Tim


    Thanks for your notes and sorry that it got held in the moderation queue (it’s the mofo’s and f-words that does it). I agree that Jim Neal wines are very nice but I have had a bit of bottle variation with the Sangiovese… I’ll look for the 2004 here and post a review soon.

  • joe

    The 2003 Chariot Gypsy is super huge…..ink black, syrupy in texture. Tastes like a cough syrup–a little too much for me.


  • Simone

    I am desparately looking for 2003 Chariot Gypsy wine produced by Jim Neal Winerey in California. Any one know where I can get my hands on a few cases? I would be enternally grateful. Google is NOT helpful. Thanks!

  • Tim


    Check out Wine Searcher where it looks like you can find some of the 2004 Chariot Gypsy still available…. my guess is that the ’03 is long gone.


  • By coincidence I am drinking my last bottle of this lovely wine right now.

    • Tim

      How is it drinking now?

    • ericenglishdds

      Just have one bottle of 2004 Chariot “diana”. Would like some advice — time to drink or should I let it sit longer? All of my local friends don’t know much (if anything) about this one…

      • I would drink it as soon as possible as the charm of wines like “Diana” is the vibrant fruit. It will most likely still be OK but on decline so it will not get any better with age.

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