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Winecast 8 – Oregon’s Willamette Valley

Winecast 8 – Oregon’s Willamette Valley

by Tim Elliott on February 9, 2005

Today’s show is a tasting tour of the wines of the northern Willamette Valley in Oregon and a discussion of alternative wine closures.

Wines tasted:
– Erath Pinot Gris 2002 ($13)
– Erath Pinot Noir, Estate 2001 ($25)
– Erath Pinot Noir, Reserve 1999 ($18)
– Erath Pinot Noir, Prince Hill 1997 ($40)
– Erath Pinot Noir, Anniversary 2000 ($30)
– Erath Pinot Noir, Juliard 2000 ($40)
– Ponzi Pinot Blanc 2003 ($15)
– Ponzi Pinot Noir 2002 ($30)
– Ponzi Pinot Noir, Reserve 2002 ($50)
– Argyle Brut Sparkling Wine 1999 ($21.50)
– Argyle Chardonnay, Nuthouse 2001 ($28)
– Argyle Pinot Noir 2003 ($20)
– Argyle Pinot Noir, Nuthouse 2002 ($40)
– Argyle Pinot Noir, Spirithouse 2002 ($50)

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  • Karl Smith

    Another superlative show, Tim!

    But the real question is how were you able to secure a ‘business trip’ to Oregon at just the right time (wink, wink).

    Really enjoyed hearing about each winery and their offerings. It’s also refreshing to hear that you don’t have to spend the extra money for the special editions to get a great wine.

    I also appreciated hearing the pro and cons of the Stelvin (screwtop), synthetic cork, and real cork.

  • Tim

    Thanks, Karl, for your comment. I admit it looks suspicious, but my Portland trip was on the calendar for some time. It was just a happy accident that I was able to make a show around it.

  • I know this is a very late reply to this podcast episode, but I searched for Oregon wines and found this post.

    Great reviews of the local Dundee wines!! Thanks for stopping by our region and getting the word out!

    One comment… something any Oregonian will tell you. “Willamette” isn’t pronounced “will-uh-mett”. It rhymes with “dammit”.

    We in Oregon have a special saying to help tutor the pronunciation… “It’s Willamette, dammit.”

    I love the winecast! It’s a great idea executed with class and light hearted professionalism. Perfect!

  • It’s pronoucned Will-am-it. Not will-a-mut.

  • Even after you indicated that you learned to pronounce it correctly — you’re still pronouncing it incorrectly.

  • Tim

    Since new folks are hitting this post via Google even now, the final word on the correct pronounciation of this region is from Mr. State above. I stand corrected and have mentioned wines from this region on later shows with correct pronounciation. Sorry for the early content errors…


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  • Is it EEE-roth or Er-ath?

  • Tim

    It’s “E-wrath” Jack…

    I also butcher the valley pronunciation throughout the podcast… it’s “Will-am-IT” as pointed out in previous comments.

  • Dave Matz

    I just got to listen to your 4/9/08 blog on the wines of Israel. i hope that since that time you were able to taste some of the fine wines of Israel. One thing you might try is to search for a local Judaica store in Minneapolis (google< judaica wine minneapolis> ). They will only carry Kosher wines. Some only carry the sacramental wines, but some carry a great selection of fine Kosher wines from all over the world. My favorites of the Kosher Israeli wines are Yatir, Castel, and Yarden (Golan Heights). Yatir Forest from the Northern Negev Desert is superb. Castel has won top awards in French wine tastings.

    if you can't find those, you might get some wines from IsraeliWineDirect.com They carry both Kosher and non-Kosher Israeli wines. I would add three additional vineyard to try Margalit, Amphorae, and Flam. All are excellent world-class wines. maybe not Parker and Tanzer 95 wines just yet, but definitely with quality to justify ratings in the low 90's and moving up. And, of course, from your podcast Meishar needs to be tasted just to understand how he is helping develop the industry from his boutique winery.

    I found your blog looking for info to set up a wine trip to Oregon for a tasting group. Your review was quite helpful. I'm not surprised Ponzi came out on top. Their Pinot's can be superb. I've now subscribed to your podcasts and look forward to many enjoyable hours.

    • Thanks Dave. Yes, I've had a chance to taste many wines from Israel since that podcast was recorded. Definitely a reemerging wine region after a few thousand years off the radar.

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